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Ember's Heating Studio Fires Installation Process at Ember's Heating Studio

The Embers Heating studio installation process, things you may want to consider before you buy

The Embers Heating studio installation process by the Davies family, Ilkeston

We decided what brands we liked the look of online but knew very little about anything else so decided we needed to speak to someone. We made an appointment to go and visit the Embers Showroom in Derby as it was recommended to us by good friends.

After a good look around we completely changed our minds about what we wanted, both decided on different brands then eventually we found our favourite. The show room has a huge selection, lots of choice on display and in catalogues! Jason, the owner was on hand to answer our questions but also thoughtfully left us alone to bicker as well!

Once we had settled on the fire we wanted, we discussed the logistics of getting it installed. We needed to answer a few questions first as to what we currently had in place in the area where we wanted the fire installed. Once that was done we set a date for installation. The installation was completed within a day. The installation team arrived on time and after a brief reconfirmation of the job, put down dust sheets and started work. At the end, the team cleaned up any mess, asked where things needed returning to and left forwarding contact details in case of any issues. We were also supplied with great advice regarding fuel, aftercare and maintenance.

In its entirety, the whole process only took about a month (this obviously can vary depending upon the availability of the model you chose and when the installation team can get to you).

We were really pleased with the whole process and wanted to share our experience as you never really know what to expect with purchases such as these. The fire place has once again become a focal point in our home. The cat, ‘Boots’, in particular, is a huge fan and can generally be found in close proximity as soon as its lit.

Things you may want to consider before you buy:

Why you should always use an accredited fitter
How many fireplaces do you buy in a lifetime? As a high investment purchase which will only occur once or twice in a lifetime it pays to get the job done correctly and safely. Fireplace installations can be tricky and there’s no compromise to getting the job done right. DIY efforts can be extremely dangerous and could also result in damage to your new fireplace before you’ve even had a chance to use it! You should always use an accredited fitter who knows exactly what they’re doing.

At Embers Heating Studio we have teams of experienced in-house fitters who are Gas Safe and Hetas registered. With years of knowledge and expertise, they have got a vast portfolio of fantastic installations and projects under their belts.

What goes into fitting a fireplace?
Fitting a fireplace requires an examination of the area and ensuring that chimneys are suited to the model of fire that you are wanting to install. Installation also requires prepping the area, not to mention the lengthy and somewhat complicated process of the actual fitting itself. It’s a process that our accredited fitters are trained to do and subsequently can do so quickly and with ease.

What are the implications of not using accredited fitters?

  • It can invalidate your guarantee
    If you purchase a fireplace with a guarantee and it becomes faulty as a result of improper fitting, then it is unlikely that the guarantee will remain valid. Should any further damage occur to your home and you are unable to provide evidence that the fire was fitted correctly (by an accredited fitter) your home insurance may also not be valid.
  • It can affect the use of the fireplace
    If you compromise on the installation of your model, then you should also be prepared to compromise on its functions. Avoiding installation from an accredited fitter could mean that vital parts of a fireplace are either not fitted properly, or not fitted at all; meaning that ultimately its performance could be hindered.
    You could be breaking the law
    Building regulations must be passed for all new stove/fireplace installations if they require a new chimney or work on an old one. An installer could advise you on this or even manage it themselves. If you intend your new flue pipework to run up an external wall then depending on the position you may even need to obtain planning permissions, which needs to be checked with your local Planning Department. Going DIY on this kind of task could not only botch the job, but also your legal permissions.
  • You could put yourself or your family in danger
    Most importantly however, if you choose to avoid getting a fireplace or stove fitted properly – you may be putting yourselves or anybody you live with in danger. Not fitting a fireplace properly puts you at danger from electrical malfunctions, fumes that are not ventilated properly and most importantly – carbon monoxide risks.