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Installing a Wood Burner Safely with Ember's Heating Studio

Installing a Wood Burner Safely

Wood burning stoves are as popular as ever. According to a report in the Independent, 175,000 of them are installed in the UK every year.

 Why? Well there’s a lot to be said for that ‘rustic charm’ for starters. They’re beautiful to look at when crackling away, and provide a great focal point no matter where you put them in the house. But it’s not just the aesthetic benefits that make them so popular; they’re much cleaner than your regular open fireplace and they’re more efficient too, saving you money on your heating bills.

But if you’re thinking of having one, you should put some thought into the whole exercise first. Be safe. Be responsible. Consider the size of the area that you need to heat and how you plan to get the thing installed in the first place.

This is NOT a time for D.I.Y…

Get a professional and experienced tradesman to do it for you. A fireplace expert. You’d be amazed at how many wood burning stoves are fitted without due care and attention – the amount that are crammed into tiny hearths is staggering. Doing so can be dangerous and can often mean that the flue pipe is not allowed to work efficiently, or may not be correctly fitted.

Think about it. This is a stove. A device designed to encourage combustion of solid fuels in your home – the place where you and your family spend your time. Looking at a worst-case scenario, badly fitted fires and stoves run the risk of house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s not a risk you can afford to take – so don’t take it.

Always employ a professional and fully-trained contractor to get your wood burning stove installed safely. Look for solid fuel installers who are HETAS or OFTEC registered – the trade associations dedicated to the highest levels of excellence and safety in the heating industry. In order to qualify for registration with the association, the installers will have had to undertake training courses to ensure that they are both competent and safe in all the work that they carry out – which is of course incredibly reassuring for you, the consumer.

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At Embers Heating Studio in Derby our installers are HETAS registered, meaning that they’re fully qualified to install your wood burning stove both safely and correctly. PLUS this is their job it’s what they do, so they have years of experience and expertise of doing just this.  They are not a handy man that will “give it a go…”

So not only do you get a properly fitted stove that functions efficiently, you get complete peace of mind as well too, so that you can relax and really enjoy all the benefits that a wood burning stove can bring to your home.

Give us a call on 01332 242299, email or pop into our studio to take a look at what we have on offer and to find out how we can install your wood burning stove safely and with the minimum of disruption.