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Hofats Beer Box


BEER BOX has it all. Whether it’s bottles, wood or BBQ food – put everything you need in the box and off you go! Fire already burning? Put the cooking grate on top and get the BBQ started! The case has an integrated crown cap bottle opener, so you can leave yours at home.

Available finishes:

  • Hofats Beer Box available at Ember's Heating Studio Black
  • Hofats Beer Box available at Ember's Heating Studio Rusty

BEER BOX is well built from top to bottom. The sturdy fire basket is made from a 2 mm thick sheet of corten steel. The solid material - used in building construction - develops a vivid, stable layer of rust which regularly regenerates itself. It forms a unique patina that protects the material against progressive corrosion. BEER BOX is long-lasting and 100% recyclable.

    What this multi-talent can do

    You can turn the mobile fire basket into pretty much everything you need for a spontaneous outdoor event. Drinks crate, BBQ, stool, wood box, transport crate, storage box … A design that knows no bounds. Stylish, stackable, portable. The perfect asset for outdoor parties – and a great present for friends, especially when filled with their favourite beer!

    What makes BEER BOX unique

    BEER BOX is as diverse as the places you can use it! Use the fire basket as a drinks box, BBQ or stool. And after the party? BEER BOX makes a great storage box and can even be stacked!