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Summer time – the time to buy a fire

It’s Summer time…which is obviously the right time to look for a new fireplace for you house.

OK so perhaps those two facts don’t necessarily seem like they go together, but we have been in this business a long time and the fact is a lot of smart folk ensure their winter warmth while the sun is still out. And there is a method in our madness and there are fours solid reasons why this is one of our busiest times of the year.

1) Firstly as you might expect companies are less busy so you can be far more likely to get what you want when you want. More than ever fireplaces are as much about an interior design statement as they are about a source of warmth and comfort for your family.   And that means that quite often there is a fireplace “in fashion” and once people want it they are often not alone, which can lead to waiting times and higher prices.

2) The summer months are the ideal time for installation, windows can be opened and air can flow through the property, without the occupants having to wear a coat and scarf over the mid morning coffee. Which is great to keep any dust down and from ventilation point of view as well.

3) But the biggest reason is that by getting a new fire sorted now, as soon as the weather turns and you need warmth you have it there at your finger tips.

What we still find a lot of people do is wait until it starts to get cold before they start thinking about the fire. At which point they go to turn it on for the first time in months and it either doesn’t work or isn’t anywhere near as efficient as it should be. Or they just don’t like what they have in there room.

And because a lot of other people are doing the same, companies are busier so it can mean both waiting for the fire you want and worse still spending time without a heat source the moment you really need it!

4) And finally…. and remember you didn’t hear it from us, at this time of the year there is often a deal to be done too!

So hopefully we are not as daft as we sound when we talk about our summer fire place boom.