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Electric fires – better than ever, advice from Ember's Heating Studio

Electric fires – better than ever

Sometimes it’s amazing how quickly people wrinkle their noses at us when we mention electric fires.

 We know exactly why they do it too. To them, electric fires conjure up images of three-bar heaters attached to a plug cable, trailed across the floor in granny’s cold and dingy little flat, or tacky fireplaces covered in faux-brass and plastic coal with a flickering light inside to suggest the presence of a flame. It was a nice try, but nobody was fooled.

But with the greatest of respect to granny, times have really changed.

Electric fires are now better than ever, and just the ticket for anyone who wants a fire that is both pleasing on the eye and a powerful source of heat for your home.

Whether you want a fire or stove that is traditional in appearance, or something a little more modern, there are a huge range of options available to you. None of them, incidentally, involve you (or your granny) trailing an electric cable across your carpet.

More heat, less effort

 In fact, many people who eventually choose electric fires initially come down to the showroom with a traditional wood-burning stove or fire in mind. Again, the thought of an electric fire was not one that appealed to them. But when we start to talk them through the options, you can see eyebrows rise as they begin to consider the practicalities of a rustic, wood-burning lifestyle. Wood-burning fires are wonderful, but they’re not for everyone.

Thing is, you needn’t give up on your dream of bringing a homespun look to your living room just because you don’t fancy all the trappings and chores involved with a wood burning fire. Today’s electric fires and stoves are so beautifully designed that they look every bit as authentic as the real thing, and require none of the maintenance and effort of a real fire.

All they require is a plug socket, and they can be installed pretty much anywhere in your house. If the rustic, traditional style is what you’re after then an electric stove, such as the Gazco Stockton is the perfect centre-piece to your hearth. The illuminated log effect looks every bit like the real thing and creates the warmest of glows to relax in front of during the winter months.

However, if you like things a little more contemporary (or if you don’t have a traditional fireplace or inglenook) then maybe it’s time to go up the wall. Not in a fit of excessive anxiety of course, but with a beautiful state of the art hang on the wall fire, such as the Celsi Puraflame Curved. This is a fire like no other, with a choice of three flame pictures which are projected using an LCD screen. Hanging a fire like this is just like hanging a piece of art on your wall, because that’s precisely what it is!

No chimney required

Not got a chimney? No problem. These electric fires are beautifully designed using the most modern methods and technologies and help you to make the most of the room space available. You lose nothing in terms of the power and quality of heat delivered, and the screen displays provide a level of lighting that gives a sophisticated yet cosy air to any dinner party or winter evening.

So maybe the question isn’t simply a case of whether you should choose an electric fire, it’s what kind of electric fire you should choose bring your home to life.

At Embers Heating Studio in Derby we have a huge range of electric fires and stoves for you to select from, with a wide selection of traditionally styled stoves through to more contemporary hang on the wall fires. We can advise you on which fire is right for your home, and talk you through installation and operation.

Give us a call on 01332 242299, email info@embersheatingstudio.co.uk or pop in to our studio to see what we have on offer. Our fireplace specialists will be only too happy to advise you on the right fireplace for you, your home and your budget.