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Cut bills with a fireplace

There’s no doubt that a warm, glowing fire is a welcome sight at the end of a long day in winter. And while winter is a way off yet, there are plenty of good reasons to consider making a fireplace a priority when it comes to improving the value of your house.

 A fully-working, naturally fuelled fireplace is a great way to boost the value of your property for the long-term or if you’re looking to sell. Not only that, but it can be a real money-spinner when it comes to arranging your heating budget, with great savings to be made on your bills.

You’d be in great company: the National Association of Chimney Sweeps recorded a 20 per cent rise in the number of householders choosing to have a real fire in their homes over recent years. It’s not hard to see why: a beautiful fireplace can become a stylish centrepiece to any living room that provides easy-to-manage practical heating, not to mention a healthy dose of charm and visual appeal.

Fireplaces for all homes and homeowners

No matter how big or small your house is, there’s a fireplace out there just waiting to transform your house into something special.

It might even be that you inherit one when you first move in. But here’s the thing: no matter what state you find an old fireplace in when you take ownership of a new home, don’t rip it out without seeking professional, expert guidance first. It may well be salvageable and once it’s restored to former glories it could become a real character feature of your home. If not, you can always have it removed and replaced with something more in keeping with your tastes.

The cost needn’t burn a hole in your pocket either, no matter whether you’re after a Georgian or Victorian marble style. Professional reproductions of more expensive fireplaces are all available too, but you should consider all the extras such as the hood and hearth, chimney linings and mantelpiece depending on what you require to create the perfect fireplace.

Any costs involved in getting your fireplace just as you want it should be balanced against the financial gains made in terms of increased value on your property and fuel savings.

Solid fuel industry regulator Hetas conducted research which revealed that burning wood can cost only 2.5p per kilowatt hour (kWh) in comparison other heating fuels with oil or gas coming in at 4p per kWh and 11p per kWh for electricity.

There are so many sure-fire benefits when it comes to installing a fireplace in your home.

At Embers Heating Studio in Derby we have a huge range of high quality fireplaces, fires and stoves for you to choose from. Give us a call on 01332 242299, email or pop in to our studio to see what we have on offer. Our fireplace specialists will be only too happy to advise you on the right fireplace for you, your home and your budget.