Hofats Cube Outdoor Fire Basket | Ember's Heating Studio

Cube Fire Basket


CUBE – this is how smart a fire basket can be! Just turn it over and the fire is extinguished safely and cleanly. With accessories, this multi-talent can become a grill or – when cold – a stool.

    Fire basket, grill and outdoor furniture – CUBE is a real all-rounder. With the grill grate & plancha you can conjure up a variety of delicacies: from juicy steaks and sausages to tender fish and seafood to vegetarian and vegan delicacies. The grill height can be regulated in stages via the cut-outs in the fire basket to get the right heat. When it’s cold, the CUBE can be a stool, bench element or side table using when turned over and using the optional lay-on board.

    Open fires create a really special, magical atmosphere. But what if you need extinguish the fire immediately? You can do this safely and cleanly with CUBE. Just turn it over and the fire goes out!

    And when the CUBE is not hot? You can use this multi-talent as versatile outdoor furniture – as a stool, bench or side table. However you use CUBE, the solid material means you can enjoy it for a long time!