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Jonny Catch Magnet Bottle Opener


JOHNNY CATCH magnet – probably the most attractive wall-mounted bottle opener in the world. The strong magnet catches and holds up to 15 bottle caps! Sticks securely to the wall.

    A wall-mounted bottle opener can be this slim and attractive! Open the bottle and CLACK! – your cap is hanging on the stainless steel surface. The strong invisible magnet holds up to 15 bottle caps and amazes everyone with its growing beard of bottle caps!
    JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is always on hand and ready to work. Whether at home or in the club, in the clubhouse or the kebab stand, at sports or in your favourite pub.

    Just stick it on the wall. No drilling, no fiddling with dowels or screws. The double-sided 3M adhesive tape sticks everywhere – even on uneven surfaces.

    Where can JOHNNY CATCH be at service next? With you, friends or customers? The chic gift packaging makes JOHNNY CATCH the perfect party present and premium giveaway!


    • wall-mounted bottle opener with magnet
    • strong magnet: holds approx. 10-15 bottle caps
    • compact and slim
    • easy wall mounting without screws
    • chic gift packaging