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Stovax Riva2 Inset Log Burner

Defra Eco

Riva2 wood burning and multi-fuel fires have been designed to deliver a sleek contemporary centrepiece, with clean lines and a matt black finish completing the look of this stunning inset fire.

    To maintain the minimalist low-profile aspect of these hole-in-the-wall fires, the stylish geometric door handle can be removed when not in use. This also prevents the handle from getting too hot to touch when the fire is lit.

    Behind the ash cover is a smooth slide control for adjusting the primary air into the firebox. This can be used to control the burn rate all the way from a lazy flame to a vivid roar with the ‘Ri-Ignite’ boost mode for effortless log ignition. Once the fire is lit and the control set to its optimum running setting, the ash cover can be closed to maintain the designer aesthetic of these magnificent inset fires.

    The contemporary appeal continues into the inside the firebox where the Riva 2 is complemented with a stylish thermal lining system, designed to both improve efficiency and performance by promoting effective airflow. The unique diamond texture adds a touch of class to the Riva2, and makes a statement even when not alight.

    Designed from conception to be easy to use, Riva 2 inset log burners feature the incredibly effective ‘Ri-Ignite’ boost mode. Enabled by sliding the primary air control all the way to the right, this rapid boost of primary air makes it effortless to ignite logs even from the smallest of embers.

    When burning smokeless mineral fuels on the Riva2 40 multi-fuel model, the external riddling control also serves as the primary air control.

    A removable ash pan on all models means maintenance and ash removal of the Riva2 is quick and easy.

    Thanks to their built-in air connection from the rear or base, Riva2 fires come ready to be installed with an external air supply without needing an additional bespoke external air kit.

    Combining function with style, the Riva 2 is a sleek hole-in-the-wall designer centrepiece offering incredible flame views, kept clear by an advanced DualFlow airwash for ultra-clean glass. Convergent air flow introduced from the top and bottom of the firebox ensures a crystal clear view of the flames for uninterrupted ambience.

    Designed with the environment in mind, all Riva2 wood burning and multi-fuel fires not only meet but exceed Ecodesign efficiency standards, which aim to improve air quality by minimising the level of permitted emissions from wood burning products. For those in smoke control areas, all models are DEFRA exempt as standard for burning wood in urban areas without the need for an additional kit.

    Stovax Riva2 inset fires are available in a choice of four sizes with either a Profil or Profil XS 3 or 4 sided frame. The smallest size, the Riva 2 40 is a compact multi-fuel model capable of burning smokeless fuels or wood and suitable for installing into a standard 22” high x 16” wide British fireplace opening with the chairbrick removed. The larger Riva 2 50, 55 and 66 models deliver high-efficiency wood burning to homes in need of a higher heat output, with the Riva 2 66 offering an impressive 8.1kW heat output.

    • Efficiency: Up to 76.5%
    • Efficiency Class: A
    • Heat Output: Up to 8Kw
    • Flue Size: 127mm 5"
    • Warranty: 5
    Chimney Options
    • No Chimney No
    • Brick Yes
    • Pre-Fabricated No
    • Balanced Flue No
    • Built-in Yes
    Fuel Type
    • Natural Gas No
    • LPG No
    • Wood Burning Yes
    • Multi-Fuel Yes
    • Electric No
    • Bioethanol No
    • Inset Yes
    • Outset No
    • Freestanding No
    • Hole in wall No
    • Built In Yes
    • Other No