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Barbas Bellfires – Universal 6 65 Wood Burning Stove

    Some products are and remain classics. They stand the test of time and will always retain their value due to their design or function. The Barbas Universal is such a product, a true, traditional classic wood inset fire. The Universal has undergone revolutionary modernisation, in terms of both technology and design.

    Never before has it been possible to create the Universal so completely according to your personal taste. The modernised frame versions create a completely unique style available in 4 different finishing styles:

    • Frameless
    • Classic Frame
    • Insert Frame
    • Built-In Frame

    Perfect for existing and new situations

    • Wood insert
    • Ideal for renovations
    • Built-in fan system (optional)
    • Four different finishing styles
    • Open and closed combustion possible
    • Up to 5,5 cm concrete reinforced interior
    • Newly designed closure
    • Ceramic seal rope
    • Steel sunken base
    • Unique secondary burn
    • Air wash, preheated air

    The Barbas Universal 6 65 Wood Burning Stove is perfect for existing or new situations making it ideal for renovations.

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