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Dik Geurts – Ivar 8 Store High Capacity Multi Fuel Stove with Log Storage

Defra Eco

The large Ivar 8 Store with storage space, can be placed free-standing in a living room. The modern and atmospheric Ivar wood stoves are finished in dark anthracite with a functional, cast iron door.

    With high capacity and log storage, the Ivar 8 Store is a versatile stove that can burn wood, coke or coal. It has a classic wood stove design, with a large viewing window and a convenient log storage space. With a heat output of up to 9 kW, it can easily heat a spacious room, but its low emissions qualify it for DEFRA approval in smokeless zones.

    Dik Geerts has fitted the wood stoves with a removable “cold” handle and an air slide for optimal air regulation. There is a chimney connection above or behind. The appropriate accessories include a floor plate and a kit for easy connection to the outside air.

    • Brand – Dik Geurts
    • Model – Ivar 8 StoreEA
    • Fuel – Wood/Multi Fuel
    • Combustion system Open
    • Outdoor air supply Yes
    • Output 5-9kW
    • Efficiency 77%
    • Duct diameter 150 mm
    • Flue connection Top or Rear
    • Interior finish Natural
    • Front colours Dark anthracite
    • Maximum log length 33 cm
    • Defra approved – Yes


    • Efficiency: 76.6%
    • Efficiency Class: A
    • Heat Output: 7.3Kw
    • Flue Size: 150mm
    • Warranty: 2yrs
    Chimney Options
    • No Chimney Yes
    • Brick Yes
    • Pre-Fabricated No
    • Balanced Flue No
    • Built-in No
    Fuel Type
    • Natural Gas No
    • LPG No
    • Wood Burning Yes
    • Multi-Fuel Yes
    • Electric No
    • Bioethanol No
    • Inset No
    • Outset No
    • Freestanding Yes
    • Hole in wall No
    • Built In No
    • Other No