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Bellfires – Derby Small 3 With Premium Burner

    The Original Bell 3 is available in no less than 7 different models: The Derby Large, Derby Large Tunnel, Derby Small, Topsham Large, Topsham Small, York Large and York Small. Because of the diversity of measurements, the Original Bell 3 offers a suitable solution for every situation.

    Floating Frame & Hidden Door

    The Original Bell 3 is available with the newly developed Floating Frame concept. An innovation based on letting an 8 millimetre thick profile, with ceramic glass mounted behind it, to float optically. Thanks to this, the fire really does look more like a real fire than ever before. In addition, the Original Bell 3 is available with a completely new Hidden Door system with black screened glass edges. Specially developed for a very modern and minimalist appearance.

    Safety above everything

    Of course, the developers of Bellfires have given safety special attention. The new Original Bell 3 is fitted with a patented safety system which carefully controls the extraction of any over-pressure. What makes this safety system unique is the replace-ability, controllability and thus optimum reliability. A clear added value, particularly in extreme situations.

    Premium Fire – Never before has a gas fire looked so much like a real wood fire! This is thanks to the new Bellfires double burner: the Premium Fire. Because the three burners are all fitted in the wood logs, the fire really does come out of the logs and into the actual fire area. In this way, the Premium Fire combines the advantages of a double burner with the warm atmosphere of a real-life camp fire.

    *Flue Not included


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