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Barbas Bellfires – Smart Bell 75 70 Gas Fire

    The Bellfires Smart Bell 75 70 is a balanced flue insert gas fire and is perfect for existing or new situations making it ideal for renovations.

    The Smart Bell offers an optimum flame picture with minimal depth making Smart Bell Square Gas Fire very versatile.

    It can be installed as a built-in gas fireĀ as well as an insert gas fire as well offering enormous possibilities.

    • Balanced flue insert gas fire
    • Existing and new situations
    • Ideal for renovations
    • Limited built-in depth required
    • Standard including Premium Fire, ambient lightning effect and Eco Wave
    • Realistic fire
    • Customers settings
    • Patented safety system
    • Premium Green Neoceram glass
    • Plain background or Black Ceramic Interior
    • Unique painting process
    • High efficiency
    • Remote control (thermostatic)
    • No control box required
    • Powerful fan system (optional)
    • Wifi-module (optional)
    • Several dimensions and frames
    • 10 years guarantee on the body
    • Smoke outlet: 100-150 mm

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