Focuscast Character Deep Beam.

Character Deep Beam

  • Non-combustible Beam
  • 140mm (5.5″) x or 140mm (5.5″) Beam
  • Standard widths are 1067mm (43″) 1219mm (48″) 1295mm (51″) 1372mm (54″)
  • 4 Colours Mid Oak, Pale Oak, Dark Oak, &  Weathered Oak
  • Esi Fix Bracket.
  • Stove Shown is for illustration Purpose only.

Colour Swatches

  • DARK OAK Focuscast Colour Swatch Dark Oak
  • WEATHERED OAK Focuscast Colour Swatch Weathered Oak
  • MID OAK Focuscast Colour Swatch Mid Oak
  • PALE OAK Focuscast Colour Swatch Pale Oak

    Focus non-combustible beams and surrounds are made from a mineral composite. They are moulded from actual wooden beams and hand-finished in a choice of colours. Each beam looks incredibly realistic and you won’t believe they are not wood. They are created for use where clearances from a stove don’t allow the use of timber beams.