Hofats Outdoor Ellipse Fire Bowl | Ember's Heating Studio

Ellipse Fire Bowl


ELLIPSE – A sculptural fire bowl made of Corten steel, with amazing functionality! Variable height, tiltable, with surprisingly simple and effective grill option.

    A sculptural and versatile fire bowl! The ideal centrepiece for a campfire atmosphere. Raise the fire bowl lengthwise to protect the flames from the wind or to reflect heat in one direction. Hungry? Hang the grill grate on the higher side edge and treat your guests to a delicious barbecue! The geometrically perfectly coordinated base allows ELLIPSE to stand stably and securely. It also serves as an ash container so you an extinguish the fire quickly and cleanly. How? Lift the fire bowl on the short sides using gloves and empty the embers and ashes into the base. Then cover it with the inverted firing tray and you’re done! The remaining fire will be smothered and go out.

    ELLIPSE is made of 100% recyclable Corten steel. The robust metal forms a lively, unique rust patina that protects the material so it will last for a long time!


    • fire bowl and grill
    • tilting fire bowl: Wind protection and heat alignment
    • safe & clean finish
    • ariable height with additional foot elements (accessories)
    • corten steel: (100% recyclable), develops a lively, unique rust patina