Wild Fire – Montese Gas Fire

The Montese is a stunning fire that will enhance any living room.

The Montese is an authentic looking coal effect gas fire, where realism is the most important factor. By utilising the broad range of trims that Wildfire provides, you can choose the mood of your room from contemporary to traditional. It is available with pebble and coal fuel bed options and offers an impressive radiant heat output. The Wildfire Montese is available in manual and slide control.

  • Optional Slide Level Control Colours
  • Various Trim Options
  • Depth 173mm.

Slide Lever Options

  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Black
  • Black Nickel
  • easy grip

Standard Trim Options

  • Brass trim
  • Satin Trim
  • Chrome Trim
  • Black Trim

Front Bars Are Optional so you can add a Fret

Creative Trim Options

  • Black : Chrome Creative Trim
  • Blaxk Nickel : Black Creative Trim
  • Black : Satin Creative Trim
  • Black : Brass Creative Trim

Front Bars Are Optional so you can add a Fret

Profile Trim Options

  • Black : Chrome Profile Trim
  • Black Nickel : Black Profile Trim
  • Black : Sation Profile Trim
  • Black : Brass Profile Trim


    • Efficiency Class: F
    • Heat Output: 3.4 KW
    • Warranty: 5 Years
    Chimney Options
    • No Chimney No
    • Brick Yes
    • Pre-Fabricated No
    • Balanced Flue No
    • Built-in No
    Fuel Type
    • Natural Gas Yes
    • LPG No
    • Wood Burning No
    • Multi-Fuel No
    • Electric No
    • Bioethanol No
    Control Type
    • Manual Yes
    • Remote Control No
    • Slide Control Yes
    • Smartphone App No
    • Inset Yes
    • Outset No
    • Freestanding No
    • Hole in wall No
    • Built In No
    • Other No